About us

We fish, process and
export all over the world

Manuel Nores González is the entrepreneur who FR started this adventure. When he was only 12 he joined the crew of an inshore boat as a sailor. And, since then, the sea has been his passion. Over the years he worked his way to fishing technician, becoming the most important expert in the port of Marín first, and then went on to become number one on the Spanish-Portuguese coast.

After several years in the sector and the acquisition of ships such as Regente, Manuel Pujales, PereiraMorales and García Vidal 1º , he built his first ship, the José Antonio y Manuel, the first or many that followed.
As his company was growing, Manuel Nores began to invest in other prestigious companies in the sector.

His philosophy has been to reinvest profits in order to continuously improve his fleet, for the business itself —adapting to market changes; the crew— making the ships as comfortable as possible; and the environment—paving the way for responsible fishing.

Our Life is in the Sea